To the moon and back: Zero Halliburton

Not a lot of brands can brag having gone to the moon – let alone experience space, or lift off from a space shuttle.

Even lesser brands boast durability and longevity drawing from its classic roots when even the idea of a cordless phone was alien, so to speak, let alone wireless speakers and sexting.

Zero Halliburton is perhaps the only luggage manufacturer that can claim many of the feats others can only hope to dream about. It aided in the first manned space mission to the moon, ferried fragile samples from the once distant orbiting body, and back.

Now, the favored brand by those rugged, heavy packing, travelers found its way to grace Philippine tourists at the heart of S Maison at Conrad Manila.

This globally heralded luggage maker has a long, trusted history of engineered bags that will always keep style with great function.

On it’s first wave of designs, Zero Halliburton unveiled the iconic aluminum briefcase that protected the rock and soil samples for NASA on that well followed Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Also available are lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate luggages right beside the Greenwich Collection – Zero Halliburtons’s lightweight luggage built with moisture wick material and padded design for extra protection.

Intended, initially, for aerospace engineers, Zero Halliburton has built a cult following for luggage that are both impressive in design, build and overall quality while maintaining aesthetics that emulate sophistication and class.

Zero Halliburton is located at ground level, S Maison, Conrad, beside SM Mall of Asia.

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