World Street Food Congress

Street food has never tasted or looked better. Where before street food = dirty food, now street food is taking center stage and becoming the star that it is meant to be. With the World Street Food Congress happening once again in the Philippines, our own street food will finally have it’s place in the world food map.

The World Street Food Congress seeks to address three pressing points: to preserve, to professionalize, and to pave new possibilities. There are 3 segments which will serve to discuss, recognize, realize, and empower the best and the keenest in the fields through 3 components at the event which would be the world street food dialogue, the world street food jamboree, and the world street food awards.

You might ask what Globe myBusiness is doing participating in World Street Food Congress? This is because Globe myBusiness believes in empowering entrepreneurs to succeed and what better way to help our food entrepreneurs than to give them access to information and learning opportunities to help improve their business.

Anyone who is interested and is currently in the food industry, Globe myBusiness has partnered with World Street Food Congress to be part of it’s dialogues. Yes, you get the chance to actually ask your questions and get answers from some of the country’s top chefs like Chef JJ Yulo and’s managing editor, Trixie Zabal-Mendoza. You might also get the chance to speak with Anthony Bourdain even.


Tickets are already selling like hotcakes so make sure to score what’s left of it through Tickets sell for only USD250 but business owners get a 30% discount with promo code GL_WSFC.

There will be several dialogues happening from May 31 to June 1 at the MOA Concert Grounds. Globe myBusiness Academy talks will happen on June 2 at the Conrad Hotel. Registration starts at 8am. Best news for this is that tickets will be raffled off to business owners. 5 winners will get 2 tickets each and all you need to do is go to to register for the chance to win. A Globe representative will contact you via email and a mobile call should you win.



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