What’s your Gelatofix fix?

Gelatofix has been enticing customers since it opened its first Philippine branch at Bonifacio Global City calling forth crowds looking for their sweet tooth fix with over-the-top gelato creations and Itlian cuisine.


They’replacing front and center the one dubbed “Big Bird” – a humoungously portioned, properly crispily fried, boned chicken slab on a side of gravy and honey. It’s crunchy, seasoned perfectly well, oozing with all the juices after it has met with your knife.

The braised lamb shank will immediately fall off your fork with so much tenderness and flavor (a little on the salty side) but will satisfy all your meaty cravings.

The Prawn Apricot Pasta is served with equal amounts of zing from the tomato sauce and creaminess from the white sauce combined topped with herbs and prawns for those seafood lovers.

A little bit on the starchy side calls for the Risotto Al Fungi with all the creamy goodness of risotto paired with the earthy punch of mushrooms.

This behemoth called the “Magic Boxx” is meant for those looking for sugar overload or for sharing with groups. Created by Gelatofix Master Chef David Chang, the Magic Boxx consists of two layers with the top comprising of mango bits on crunchy sweetened bread to be dipped on cioccolato on the layer underneath topped with gelato of either vanilla or strawberry. Think ala mode with a touch of fondue.

If dessert is still not enough, you can trust that their daily selection of gelato will have flavors for just about anyone’s fancy.

“Gelatofix will constantly be updated with new dishes we know that will leave a lasting impression to our diners. We have positioned Gelatofix for everyoen to enjoy from the young crowd, working adults, and family and groups of friends complemented with the right ambiance and great company,” says Mr. Jay Tan, Managing Director of Gelatofix Philippines.

The latest are available on the menu of Gelatofix Lifestyle Cafe at the Ground Floor, BGC Corporate Center, 30th cor. 11th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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Drew Uy

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