What is it with your insecurities?

It was the campaign and the idea of Avon’s Fashions show about telling women that “Confidence is the new Sexy.”

Much ado about what size model any of the women are, it was generally about feeling good in one’s skin.

Yes, included into the fray are inserts on women empowerment, body shaming, and pretty much all the struggles of the modern woman.

Sure, long-standing issues discussed, the program had some depth to what steals the thunder from women.

However hard they may push, however polished and rehearsed the pieces each woman performed on stage about their personal struggles as women of the modern age was, it was still apparent that they, themselves, don’t believe in their own battlecries.


What will that leave us, then, but half-baked status messages that barely resonate nor even cause a ripple.

Sure, it looks great on photos as every person asked for their own turns on taking publicity shots to ‘feel better about themselves,’ if anyone would really believe you, that is.

See, nothing resonated from an otherwise properly delivered performance of the sticks and stones of being too skinny, too voluptuous, have too much muscles, busty, large, short, sexy, provocative, tempting, inviting, sensual, alluring, and pretty much every “politically correct” adjective you can describe a woman without being overly sensitive about being sensitive.

It’s all well and good when we try, so obviously, to correct the notion of what counts as sexy.

I keep wondering if it has ever occurred to anyone that you are just plain sexy?

Your insecurities probably stem from the old notion that all women must look the same. You don’t.

It’s probably a rare thing to hear it from a man who has no ulterior motives but to actually tell you, you are beautiful, you are sexy, you are amazing.

But why do you need their verification anyway? Do you, you amazing woman, you.

Be you, you don’t need public opinion, you don’t need society looking you down because you are not a size 2 or lower. You don’t need billboards to tell you you have to have white skin that ‘glows.’

Yes, it’s nice to fit into any dress you want to try but such is the old where some brands only cater to nourishment deprived individuals.

Ang sarap kaya kumain! (Eating is life!)

Don’t let them dictate how you should live your life.

Be confidently you. Be confidently sexy.

The moment someone tells you otherwise just go ahead and tell that person “I will not empower your words by acknowledging it, you are insignificant, your opinion does not matter one bit, you insecure, uneducated lowlife” or “fuck you” in short.

Just be. Be you. Standout, you.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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