We need you – Asus Zenfone AR

What’s all this technology without support to apply it in real life?

The latest and greatest technologies are only as good as those that are supported.

Such is the case for the Zenfone AR.

Asus took a calculated risk in carrying the world’s first phone that supports both Tango and Daydream simulataneously as well as the first phone with 3 rear cameras, 8GBs of RAM, and all the tools needed for the latest and greatest by Asus to churn out the powerhouse of a device.

It’s no joke. To be able to show you real-time augmented or virtual realities, all of the phone’s processing and display capabilities have to come into play for a seamless experience.

The technology is not perfect. Sure. But it’s close.

There must be a catch, you say. True enough, it’s all worthless until we create an ecosystem around it.

Yes, OEMs, themselves, can easily create applications for our daily lives much like iStanging that measures a room and its available space to tell you if a certain furniture can fit.

But what’s that going to do for you if you rely on them to know what you want in your phone?

That’s why, Asus Philippines, has enlisted the creative Filipino minds to create some for them in terms of need and want through a Hack-a-thon. If the word is foreign to you, a hack-a-thon is a series of events that usually last for days or sometimes weeks on end to place all willing contestants to create something for the product, in this case, the Zenfone AR.

All tools they may need are provided to them in order to execute the concept. All they have to do are to make applications that maximize or, at least, make use of the technology before them.

This stands true for anything that companies churn out.

More so for a technology hardly experienced by most people.

What’s us to do? To say the least, learn something about it. Even just the baseline of what the technology have to offer and spread the word. Tell everyone. Ask. Then, perhaps, this way, we can be ahead of the game.

On Asus’ part, aside from the hack-a-thon, have partnered with VR Philippines, a start-up that has been at the forefront of enabling an AR and VR capable Philippines by educating, and providing opportunities for Filipinos the platform and the tools they need to make their own applications that are truly, and proudly, Filipino.

It’s not that hard, really:

Create a platform, have people support it, improve on the product.

What are you waiting for? Learn more now!

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Zenfone AR can do:


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