Vellish Lipstick from Korea

Somebody was able to score one of the upcoming lipstick brands that is coming over to Manila real soon all the way from Seoul, Korea. For someone who is as addicted as I am to lipstic (hello #lipsticklovebyK) this was defnitely a score.  Say hello the the Vellish Lipstick.

This is the Vellish Lipstick and they are one of the classiest looking lippies I have ever seen. The packaging and the container is made of black with gold trimmings that it will make you feel like a million dollars with every swipe. The smooth finish also helps in giving off that rich vibe.

I chose the #B301 ruby pink because it goes well with my tan skin. I think that this is one of the perfect fit for Asian skin. This shade goes well with our color because it pops out but it doesn’t outshine us, rather it complements our skintone.

What I liked about this is that not only is is moisturizing, it is also long lasting which really matters when you wear lipstick because as fun as it is to put on lipstick, it’s not fun if you keep having to do it over and over and over again. The Vellish Lipstik has macadamia oil, theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, and Vitamin E derivatives.

The Vellish Lipstick comesin 5 different colors: #B101 Vivid Redf  #B102 Marsala  #B801 Creamy Grapefruit  #B301 Ruby Pink  #B302 Hot Cherry Pink. This retails at $21.

We can’t wait for when they finally get here. We’re pretty sure all the lipstick lovers will welcome them with open arms.

Kathy Ngo

more than what you hope for ... less than what you assume ... always a suprise. #StandOutMNL

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