Upstart Productions SPAMalot of laughters and cheers

There is a reason that Upstart SPAMalot is having another run this year after a successful production last year. SPAMalot is a RIOT even more so with some tweaks here and there that make the entire gallery burst out with laughter and tears.


One thing you really should do as you enter into the world of Monthy Python (if you are not familiar with his works), is that you should throw away any and all expectations of a proper story line, a plot, or any semblance of sanity and leave it at home. Quite literally the play will open up in an insane asylum.

Monty Python’s Spamalot, by Upstart Productions, co directed by Joel Trinidad, left the audience singing with the cast by the curtain call as everyone was still laughing uncontrollably from British absurd humour.


A lot of the quips and sight-gags lie on the gray area of a performance done so greatly that you can’t tell any longer if it was a mistake, ad-libbed, or if it was intentional.

Props to the entire cast from Carla Guevara-Laforteza, who played Lady of the Lake that guides Lorenz Martinez as King Arthur of the knights of the very, very, very round table.

A lot of the silly comedy comes from the actors themselves according to co-director Nicky Triviño where “everyone is learning from each other, it’s all very collaborative, if it’s funny, we incorporate it into the show.


A big portion of the musical is composed of all of us laughing uncontrollably.”

The show also features pieces by Francis Libiran who created five exquisitely crafted gowns fit for the part, fit for the theme, and each more breathtaking than the last. Joel Trinidad shares “The Lady of the Lake needs to have a kind of otherworldly quality. Francis captures that quality in every single one of his creations. The dresses look like they were made of magic.”


Mothy Python’s SPAMalot will play a ten-show run on Fridays (9:00 PM) Saturdays (3:00 and 8:00 PM), and Sundays (3:00 and 8:00 PM) from 13th to 22nd April at the Globe Auditorium, Maybank Performing Arts Theater at the BGC Arts Center.

Upstart Productions presents MONTHY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT. Starring (in alphabetical order): Roxy Aldiosa, Rachel Alejandro, Reb Atadero, Rachel Coates, Domi Espejo, Rhenwyn Gabalonzo, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Lorenz Martinez, Noel Rayos, Bibo Reyes, Dean Rosen, George Schulze, and Chino Veguillas. Directed by Joel Trinidad and Nicky Triviño. Musical direction by Onyl Torres. Choreography by the Martine Sisters.

Tickets available from TicketWorld at 8919999 or Upstart at 09178116156

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