Thor:Ragnarok review (no spoilers)

Thor: Ragnarok takes on what previous Thor episodes, even MCU ones for that matter, couldn’t do. Use humour to properly tell the story without being too cheesy.

It all begins with opening salvo that manages to construct the world and time our hero has yet to face without being draggy and without the typical villain monologue and how the hero is tasked to overcome with just the right quips and just the right amount of action to set the tone.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is asked, once again, to save Asgard. This time, from the threat that is Hela (Cate Blanchet) exacting upon Asgard a prophecy once told of the destruction of Asgard, hence, Ragnarok.

To much surprise the sequel provides a lot of the opportunities to show each member of the cast enough time for us to understand their own stories and struggles to a point where even Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has an (almost) clear line of whether he is the villain here or part of team Thor.

The ‘strongest Avenger’ (you’ll get the joke later) is in contest as Thor is pitted against once ally The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) while trapped in another world where lost and forgotten anything are cast.

Even director Taika Watiti gathers a lot of what the MCU should have been with a stark contrast from the first two Thor movies that was Shakespearean in form over this high-action, humour-riddled take on the adventures of the God of Thunder (not the God of Hammers.)

The focus here was the power of an idea. The power of where gods gain their strength and Watiti has been able to pull the focus away from the gloriously painted Asgard to just a floating world in space to allow some form of detachment and let us in on the worlds that matter.

Even the techniques used allow a sense of space to give the audience a grasp of the sheer size of what our champions are dealing with.

Thor: Ragnarok is a pleasant throwback of what fans have all been asking for complete with nods to the gods of rock to lace the soundtrack with just the right tone of keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

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