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As if jumping from a real life Flamenco dancer towards the flat screen, Sony’ latest Bravia OLED TV captures all the details and plays it back in such quality, contrast, and precision, we are very close to art imitating life.

There’s no doubt the industry leader in multimedia entertainment has been in constant upgrade year-in year-out on what next innovation the Japanese giant can provide to its consumers.

The difference? An upgrade in processing capabilities that will ensure deep blacks, vibrant colors, and high dynamic range to ensure even gray skies have depth meshed into the frame for a fully immersive experience.

What’s even better? No more unsightly speaker grilles as Sony has ’embedded’ the speakers ‘within’ the screen, called the Acoustic Surface, that will ‘push’ the acoustics right where it’s supposed to go – directly to your ears by throwing the sound from the display itself towards the audience. The ‘stand’ at the back discretely hides the sub-woofer that will bounce the low tones around the room.

We can a go technical and tell you that Sony has included a processor, the X1 Extreme 4K HDR, that’s more than capable of recreating what the picture should be in 4K, in real-time, in beautifully managed colors and highlights. Sony has also included Android TV in some of the models.

We can even go further into technical details for TVs that are tailored and specialized to provide all the 4K HDR goodness paired with the Sony Playstation 4 Pro that will show every single drop of rain and the horizon even with low visibility from the wet ambiance of the game.

“Sony is always at the forefront of innovation and we lead the future of television by bringing the new range of 4K HDR TVs, especially the Sony Bravia OLED TV. We want to elevate TV viewing experience and bring reality right in the comfort of your own homw, with enhanced brightness and contrast features. The colors are more vivid and the sounds are clearer than ever before. Your TV experience with Sony will be unbelievable, and it will change the way you view ‘TV,'” said Noboyushi Otake, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines.

It’s sleek, it’s stylish, it’s near bezel-less, it’s sexy, it would look good in my living room right about now the Sony Bravia AE1.

Price: The Sony Bravia OLED TVs will be locally available in Sony Centres and authorized dealers nationwide by July 2017 and will set you back PHP 169,999 or 3,360 USD net, cash, for the KD-55A1 class model, and PHP 269,990 or 5430 USD for the KD-65A1 class model.

How many A1s would you like for yourself? Let us know at the comments section below.

Mabuhay, Manila.

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