Techtonic 2017 highlights

In a first of its kind in the Philippines, Techtonic: a Culture for the Future, brings together minds who wish to make the country a better place with technologies, apps, solutions, and ideas.

Techtonic is a technology convention that called for budding ideas to share to those that are looking for possibilities.

Here are some of the highlights we came across:

Dibz Parking

It’s simple, really, if you happen to have parking space that is not used for a majority of the day, rent it out to someone else for a fixed time. It earns you passive income while you’re somewhere else parking in another’s Dibz spot.

There are far more questions about certain things like safety and permission and Leeray, the one spearheading the app in the Philippines has mentioned that there will be negotiations between Dibz and building administration or parking administration before a space can be rented out.

Dibz guarantees lower than average rates and that your space will be ready for you upon getting first dibs.


Yes, it is a direct competitor to everyone else in the market focusing on logistics and deliveries.

We asked Business Development Executive Richard Chua who said that Lalamove incorporates all of the good things about everyone else and makes available multiple layers of deliveries from requiring motorbike to a full-sized van.

The ‘safety’ feature is still under works and that they can only insure about Php 2,000 per items delivered due to limitations by insurance companies themselves. What makes it ‘safer’ for Lalamove is that Chua has personally hired a chunk of the drivers with full background checks just to make sure mishaps don’t happen from their end.

“Yes, there will be challenges along the way, everyone gets is, but we at Lalamove are making sure we are very diligent on screening every one of our partners,” says Chua.


This company focuses on drones and the multiple applications and technologies that come with. One of their specialties is mapping and ocular. It’s way more complicated than just placing a camera underneath the drone. We have implanted different tools for accurate surveying.

“From land scanning to disaster mitigation and from precision agriculture to forest protection, SkyEye believes in the power of drones for good,” said Nico Lasaca UAV Lab Director “our drones are meant to maximize on the capabilities of unmanned drones to create a better understanding of the world we live in from a bird’s eye’s perspective.”

Yes, together with serious business, SkyEye also incorporates a little bit of play into the mix with a Philippine’s first, now on its second year, drone racing – incorporating VR to the remote of the drone for a totally immersive experience.

Imagine AR

Coming from Asus Zenfone AR Hackathon, Imagine AR have made strides in the AR and VR department in the Philippines.

As the name suggests, they focus on applying and making AR and VR available to as much technologies as possible allowing a more interactive approach to a seemingly mundane activity.

The people behind Imagine AR are well versed in making your products standout by allowing images and scenarios come alive through your phone’s, albeit limited, capabilities.


In a world of solution seeking, a company took a step further in making aesthetically sound answers to everyday problems.

Case in point: the PowerCube. This is the company’s answer to man’s ever-changing technological needs: the power source.

It’s simple, turn the humble extension into a cube. Make the sockets modular to fit any plug requirements. Done.

Other options that have to arrive to the Philippines come in the form of this lamp. Pull the lower ball down that is being held by magnets and the light turns off. Put it back and there will be light again.

Solutions everyone has, beautifully crafted solutions, now that’s where Allocacoc stands.


This is your Lego for adults. MakeBlock is your buffed up Lego packed with electronics and some coding and programming to make the robot move.

They’ve made it simple, too just by dragging and dropping the commands you need from a preset of things that the robot can understand. Sure it’s ‘cheating’ but it’s not made to be hard. It’s meant for children to be able to understand what part does what and what he can do with said part with a corresponding command.

MakeBlock modules allow kids to enjoy building their own robots plus learn on the side to be able to expand their knowledge on what it takes to be able to program a robot. Who knows? Your kid could be the next Tesla we’ve all been waiting for!

What stood out the most for you? Let us know at the comments section or on Twitter @MNLMash and @ginuhit.

Mabuhay Manila.

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