Techpid 101: SMART prepaid promos


It’s 2017 and us millennials will only want more and more to be tethered to the internet, almost always, specially if there’s decent telco service in the area. Yes, WiFi is still the easiest, cheapest way to be able to upload your latest selfie, but it just isn’t always the case for many of us.

In case you were wondering, here are some of the best picks of promos (Q4, 2017) ranked from the most optimal to so-so package deals.

 All Out Surf 99
P99/7 daysALLOUT99 to 99991GB Data
Unli Facebook
Unli All Net SMS
100 mins calls to Smart, TNT, SUN

This has been personally tried and tested where any and all Facebook videos you watch will not affect your 1GB cap. Yes, 1GB is such a meager amount of data to be enjoying anything for long. Heck, it probably won’t last you a day if you’re a heavy user. Hence, this may be a better option for you:


GigaSurf 50
P50/3 daysGIGA50 to 99991GB + 300MB for iflix & YouTube,

I know, the extra 300 MB might be a stretch considering Youtube quality that’s pushing 2K HD now so do remember to throttle the video quality if you want to maximize on this deal. This is, so far, the most affordable that lets you extend your cap to three days.

Making data allocation efficient, Smart has provided options of more data for the budget conscious during off-peak hours with GigaNight25 that basically tells you to forego sleep in case you want to keep using the promo.

P25/1 dayGN25 to 99991GB of data from 10PM-6AM

More data will, of course cost more but at the same price as the GigaSurf50, you get this:

P50/1 dayLTE50 to 99991.5GB of data

Multiply everything by two and you get this, basically:

     LTE PRIME 100P100/1 dayLTE100 to 99993GB of data

If “data is life,” but “Facebook is lifer,”then, this might be the best option for you. Though it will only provide unlimited capabilities for three options:

All Text 60
P60/5 daysAT60 to 999930 min calls to SMART, TNT and SUN
Unli SMS to all networks
Unli Facebook, FB Messenger and Viber


All Text 10
P10/1 dayAT10 to 9999Unli SMS to all Networks
Unli Facebook, FB Messenger & Viber
(via e-load only)

Other options for ALL OUT SURF that are still ‘sulit’ with unli Facebook feature:

 All Out Surf 30
P30/2 daysALLOUT30 to 9999300MB Data
Free Facebook
Unli All Net SMS
30 mins calls to Smart, TNT, SUN
All Out Surf ​50
P50/3 daysALLOUT50 to 9999500MB Data
Free Facebook
Unli All Net SMS
50 mins calls to Smart, TNT, SUN

What do you think of Smart’s latest offerings? Let us know at the comments section below or via Twitter @MNLMash.

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