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Passion, purpose, plan, direction are what drive your business, your project, your market. It’s not easy. It’s not meant to be easy and it will take up more of you and your time the more you grown, the more you learn and the more you take on more challenges.

There will be a lot of things that you think of until you get to the point where you can finally outsource or hire more people. In a business you have focus on what you are excellent at in order to let it flourish.

Taxes, being one of the most taxing (pun intended) tasks of being a Filipino citizen, will require at least 16 forms to submit to BIR in a year just to maintain your business. Prepare, file, fall in line, submit, pray that you got your taxes right, and do the cycle again in another month.

Fortunately for you minds who want to focus on what matters most Taxumo covers all the bases and then some in tracking, filling and paying your taxes through the platform. All you have to do is input your details including past payments to BIR to update your forms, input income and other things and the algorithm will figure everything else out for you.

“It’s so simple I hardly have to think about it,” says Frances Sales, Writer and Editor of Topaz Horizon. “It takes seconds for Taxumo to figure out how my taxes work and the amount due to BIR.”

In a world of multiple disciplines taxes are the problems we have to constantly update tax forms. This startup aims to solve this trivial problem for a minimal monthly fee.

Taxumo currently has 1,200 subscribers and is officially open to Filipinos nationwide.

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Mabuhay Manila.

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