Flipping the s out with the Asus Zenbook Flip S

Convertibles have all been the rage for quite some time now with adaptations of a number of technologies that make rotating the monitor of the laptop go around 358° (it can't, technically, go full 360°). The Zenbook Flip S employs such a technology to allow the hinges go smoothly its axis without the fear of... Continue Reading →


Asus ROG Zephyrus: Definition of Beauty and Beast

This is the dream. This is probably the thinnest, most powerful laptop to ever land in 2017. Asus x Cmputex presents: The ROG Zephyrus. The Braun Perhaps the most noticeable will be the thin chassis. Remember the beastly, behemoth of a laptop, GX800? Imagine about 3/4 of the power of that device and enlist the... Continue Reading →

Asus Zenfone AR: Meddle with Reality

Early 2017 was when Asus, in close partnership with the makers of Daydream and Project Tango, unveiled their most advanced technology to date: the Zenfone AR. The biggest question then was not knowing when we can get our grubby hands on them. Until today. In a pre-Computex press conference, Asus announced, much to the delight... Continue Reading →


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