Sunday brunch at M Cafe

They say brunch are for those who either woke up with a hangover or are simply not morning persons. I say “to hell with stereotypes and just enjoy food!”

Enjoy we did with M Cafe’s simple spread of their Sunday brunch buffet clad in the standard breakfast options joined with tapas, a mini maki bar, fresh seafood, baked entree’s, a dessert bar, and options of creals.

It all starts from the salad bar ladden with fresh shrimp and oysters and the mini maki selection.

Across will be the omelete stationary​ that will come after your selection of ingredients, after your preffered doneness. The attendant is more than capable of making it for you.

Further down the line are patés and dips to complement the soup. On the next station are pancakes, waffles, and pies.

Of course, let’s not forget the dessert bar clad in fruits, cakes, pastries and sweets!

This is all apart from the main course with options of Filipino favorites of tapa, longanisa and bangus, M Benedict (M Cafe’s take on the classic Eggs Benedict,) Asian noodle soup and congee, grilled bone-in porkchop, seafood linguine, beef burger, and chicken tandoori.

All of these you can enjoy while being serenaded by a live jazz band to ease you into the rest of the day.  The Sunday Brunch Boutique Buffet is open from 11am to 3pm every Sunday for the rest of the year so make sure to come and visit. You definitely won’t regret it. To know more about what happened, view this.

Drew Uy

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