Starbucks Cold Brew

Joining in on the latest trend in the coffee industry, Starbucks has come up with their own version of the Cold Brew and this time around, they made it smoother and added a naturally sweet flavor. The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew will pass the test of even those who prefer to drink just brewed coffee, this we know because it passed the taste test with D and anyone who’s followed us will know that he only drinks brewed coffee or cold brew.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is made with Starbucks Cold Brew over ice and topped with our house-made vanilla sweet cream, which floats on top of the beverage before beautifully cascading down.

What’s the difference between Cold brew and Iced Coffee?¬†Cold Brew is made without heat, which creates lower acidity for a smoother, naturally sweet taste. Iced Coffee is brewed double strength then cooled, which creates a refreshing, lighter body.

Cold brewing is a method of brewing that combines ground coffee and cool water and uses time instead of heat to extract the flavor. It is brewed in small batches and steeped for as long as 48 hours. The resulting Cold Brew coffee concentrate is used to make our new Cold Brew Iced Coffee beverage. Cold Brew is best served unsweetened.

There are many unique health benefits to drinking cold brew coffee and here are some of it.

  1. Improved Control of Gastric Acid Secretion this means no acid reflux
  2. Less Acid in Coffee Overall
  3. Increased Amounts of Antioxidants
  4. Less cafestol and kahweol
  5. Lower caffeine content so it’s okay to drink more of it

Cheers to more reason to drinking coffee. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think.



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