Spotify for World Animal Day

Whoever said that Spotify was only meant for humans? Our furry (sometimes scaly, leathery, fluffy), four-legged (sometimes multiple, two-legged, or slithers) also get the chance to listen in on man-made sounds too.  In celebration of World Animal Day, a day for advocacy and action for animal rights and welfare, specially for our beloved pets we have at home, Spotify has created exclusive playlists for their animal-loving fans with the help of top Petfluencers.

The Petfluencers are a range of furry friends composed of Chloe the Frenchie, Hamlet the Piggy, King Bentley the Bull Dog, Nala Cat, Shrampton the Cat, That Golden Doodle and Toast Meets World. From “Chlo Jams” to “Pig-Me-Up,” take a walk in their paws and find out what tunes they are jamming to!

Jam along to different tunes found on the Petfluencers’ Playlists below:

Chloe the Frenchie

Chlo Jams

Hamlet the Piggy


King Bentley the Bull Dog

Lazy Couch Vibes

Nala Cat

Meow Music

Shrampton the Cat

Don’t Worry, Be Floppy

That Golden Doodle

Party Animal

Toast Meets World

Toast Meets Music


Have your own pet-loving playlist?

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