Spotify Contest: The Conscious Walk

Ever had the feeling all eyes were on you as you walk past an aisle longer than your standard catwalk?
That’s the same feeling anyone from my college goes thorough on a daily basis since the building was built.
It’s called the SJ walk – now more popularly known as ‘conscious walk’ – since it connects two buildings to the main campus, passing through an aisle generously peppered with benches, stone tables and more benches is an inevitability.
It gets unnerving for the first few terms specially with that nagging feeling that everyone is judging your outfit of the day.
I got through this hurdle by downloading ‘rampa’ songs, as Filipinos would call it, or songs that have cat-walking beats easy enough to convince you to strut your stuff all 100 meters of onlookers.
I dedicate this to all frosh coming into DLSU going through your rite of passage, so to speak, on your daily judging scheme.
So walk, you. Walk towards the end of the most awkward pathway you will encounter there and come out fabulous.

Follow this playlist and like my profile on Spotify. 3 of my followers will receive something special from Spotify themselves should I come up with the most number of followers by the end of June.

I’ll throw in headsets and speakers to random followers in to the mix of giveaways happening.

Don’t forget to use #BetterWithSpotify.

Meantime, here’s to you! Standout, you!

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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