Spiderman Homecoming: The Road to Discovery

Spiderman homecoming remakes the story of the past two Spiderman sequels in an effort to accurately depict the original Spiderman by Marvel. This, after striking a deal with Sony Entertainment, to include said character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This, also, to include Spiderman into the Avengers franchise to complete the package of the team.

Not to be confused with the Toby McGuire and the Andrew Garfield versions of the same titles, Tom Holland takes on the tights for a third take on the web-slinger.

The story begins from the pre-revealed plot of Tony Stark (Ironman) needing the aid of an additional Avenger in a potential clash against Captain America in Civil War.

Powered by a technically advanced supersuit, Peter Parker as Spiderman zips through Manhattan helping out solve crime one culprit at a time after school hours, these all after trying to solve teenage growing pains.

Peter struggles to prove himself worthy of being an Avenger while trying to juggle solving a bank heist that turns out to be bigger than initially perceived. Parker then sets his own mission into solving the crime throughout the city. Meantime, Tony Stark, as the father figure, discovers a more sensitive side of himself being responsible for Spiderman guiding the web-slinger’s journey from being the cat rescuer to an eventual world saver.

Spiderman Homecoming tackles issues of how the hero finds his journey to becoming an Avenger is more than just saving people and catching bad guys. John Watts, the director, wasn’t afraid, also, to show the audience the serious side of having to carry the weight of the world at a very young age.

Through a series of test and trials, together with added pressure and displeasure by his mentor, Tony Stark, Peter Parker discovers where and what he needs to be: “your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.”

Catch Spiderman Homecoming now in theaters nationwide! Below are the trailers in case you missed them.

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