Soundbar+ by Samsung

Raise the Bar on sound -Samsung

Samsung raises the bar on a cinematic experience packed into aesthetically engineered frames as Samsung Audio Lab in California crafts the latest audio technology pushing boundaries of what speakers can do – debunking the old notion bigger speakers are always better.

In tandem with Dolby Atmos Technology, Samsung ups their soundbar game that offers advanced audio technologies in a sleek and svelte design.

Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

The HW-K950, with high-end surround sound technology, equipped with a 5.1.4 channel system, houses a total of 15 speakers each with dedicated amplifiers ensuring the least amount of noise and distortion. Wide-range up-firing speakers enhance the experience by throwing sound upwards or downwards depending on need.

This is the first Samsung offering that will include 2 Dolby Atmos-enabled up-firing speakers in the Soundbar and two wireless rear up-firing speakers in the package with the subwoofer. Paired with wide-range tweeters, this model expands the location of the audio “sweet spot” allowing other audience members to enjoy the same quality of sound.

You don’t have to worry about connectivity as Samsung covers the hurdles of wireless connections with multi-channel bluetooth capabilities allowing all speakers to speak to one another that pairs automatically amongst each other.

Soundbar Sound+

This slim soundbar is Samsung’s first Soundbar with the subwoofer embedded directly into its compact body. This is the most complete all-in-one model that features 5 channels through 11 speakers, including 3 wide-range tweeters, 6 subwoofers, and 2 vertical (up-firing) tweeters.

The Sound+ is made to match any style of TV and living room with straight and curved options to complement your entertainment area.

Get freebies and discounts of up to 30% in select soundboards in Samsung’s upcoming nationwide promo from 10th August to 17th September.

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