Soru Izakaya

Suro Izakaya is a Japanese gastropub that serves a fusion of modern and traditional Japanese cuisine. They’re best known for their creative plating that has artistic drawings which makes their dishes Instagram worthy

The interior is a mesh between modern industrial and traditional Nippon with a mash of paintings and stickers spreaded on their wall

The first dish that coloured our appetite was the Gyuniku Maki (Php 240) – nori and rice wrapped around beef misono with lemon slices inserted on the side while being topped with salad greens, garlic and more beef misono that is creatively presented with mayonnaise artworks on the plate. It will certainly recapture the first time you got excited to try a maki.

The second dish that roared and flew to our tables was the Oh Umi Maki (Php 390) – shrimp tempura and salmon cubes with salmon and tempura flakes on top spilled with spicy Soru sauce and their signature mayonnaise artwork on the plate. This is my favourite maki from the menu.

Steak Teppan (Php 370) – mixed vegetables with strip loin steak cooked on an iron griddle was served to us. It didn’t have a groundbreaking taste or presentation but it’s not bad.

The Kushiyaki Platter (Php 650) – a platter of bacon-wrapped enoki, shiitake mushrooms, asura, gyuchizu, yakitori and arabiki. These are perfect with beer.

Okonomiyaki (Php 320) – Japanese pancake which has squid and mixed vegetables on the inside. The ingredients on the inside could’ve been cut into bigger pieces because the batter was the dominant flavor. It tasted a little redundant.

Nori Tempura Dai (Php 520 for 8 pieces) – tempura battered with nori. It’s unique and its an absolute must try.

The desserts were up next and I couldn’t wait to try them out. The desserts came and they are still presented artistically which made my appetite grow.

Tiramisu (Php 220) – coffee fingers layered with cream cheese frosting, ganache and cocoa powder topped with blueberry and mint leaves.

Matcha Cheesecake (Php 240) – one of their best selling desserts that will certainly make you want to buy a whole cake because it is absolutely sweet and delicious.

They had great drinks made by their mixologist which will attract college students who want to grab a bite while having a cold beer to drink.

Their Sapporo can be mixed with flavors like almond and strawberries – it will get you to order more.

I tried one of their cocktails called Ki (Php 280) which is gin, absinthe, lime and cinnamon. It’s pretty strong and I really liked it.

All in all this is a place worthy of multiple visits as there will always be something new with their plating worthy of being seen. Suro Izakaya is an absolute must try.
Head on over to 140 Maginahawa, QC.

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