Sodam: A Very Affordable Korean Buffet

Due to the high demand in the P. Guevara area, Sodam opened a branch here on Gilmore near Xavier. Definitely a great spot to be as students come to this place during their lunch breaks

The interiors are very homey and the service is great as even the owner herself was trying to entertain guests

Sodam did something great when they didn’t try to compete against the top restaurants and instead focused on the essentials of Korean buffet and priced it fairly

309 pesos for lunch and dinner with unlimited pork.

339 pesos for lunch and dinner with unlimited pork and beef

379 pesos on weekends and the holidays

The main criticism of people is that their pork and beef strips are thin but for such a low price and an unlimited supply, why complain?

You can have as many as you want and eat to your heart’s content. Check this place out.

Have you tried Sodam for yourself? Let us know what was the experience like at the comments section below or over at Twitter and Instagram @mnlmashfood

This foodie meet up was done in partnership with Zomato.

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