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The idea is simple, utilize SnippetX as a medium in communicating your content across a wider audience – specially those who utilize SnippetMEdia as a source of go-to information.

This comes after a change in the media space that moved content from traditional tri-media means towards going online. This, also, after the shift from celebrity studded form of advertisement to influencers and online media to market their brand and products.

The country has become more involved online – far from utilizing the internet as a means of creative expression, we have gone to telling the world what the Philippines has to offer towards shaping influence and crafting opinions about particular issues and mobilising towards enabling society.

This is where SnippetX comes in.

A platform by Filipino technology company SnippetMEdia, SnippetX brings an additional dimension to online media from news and information aggregation by providing unique access to stories by those that have chosen the field of sharing experiences.

“Whether it’s about travel, fashion, food, or technology, Filipinos will now have access to a multitude of stories written by Pinoy content creators – all in one click,” says Kriston Kho, founder and chairman of SnippetMEdia.

How does it work?

Think of SnippetX as a hub of content that can be accessed through the app. SnippetX allows content creators to maximize on the impact of their stories and keep followers engaged with those that they want to see and follow.

“People are on their smartphones for a good number of hours everyday. Being in a mobile app opens opportunities to reach a more captive and responsive audience through targeting and better recommended stories,” Kho continues.

“SnippetMEdia makes reading and discovering online content easier by saving the users the time and effort in finding what they want to read among a multitude of sources.

Now, with SnippetX, SnippetMEdia brings a whole new dimension to new aggregation by providing unique access to stories written by Filipino online content creators on topics users are most interested in,” Kho ends.

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