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Showcasing how sensitive the new Philips shavers can be, the brand held an interactive shaving event by demonstrating how a standard straight razor, old Philips technology as well as the new Philips shaver performs by shaving a balloon in a stocking.

Many worry and are very careful when it comes to shaving specially with a straight razor that can cause skin damage and, sometimes, cuts. To overcome this daily challenge, Philips started offering shavers that address this specific root cause – irritation due to friction between shavers and the skin.

With the latest Philips Aqua Touch Wet and Dry Electric shaver, you are protected every time while you enjoy a refreshing shave as demonstrated by the still smooth stocking after grazing the product around the balloon repeatedly. This was made apparent in stark contrast to using old shavers as well as straight razors.

Urasinee Patarasongkram, Country Manager Philips Philippines, said “for more than 60 years in the Philippines, Philips has been constantly pushing 0the boundaries of innovative solutions that truly matters and redefine the way they live their lives.”

“As an industry leader in male grooming, delivering smart solutions to today’s modern man that offers a close comfortable shaving experience everyday without compromising the skin is our forte,” she added.


As the Philips Multi-groom series 3000 3-in-1 Beard and Detail trimmer was showcased this time which allows for different beard, mustache, and sideburn styles that are allowed with three different attachments to give o the possibility to easily trim different looks.

“Philips shavers are made with a lot of love and care. undergoing stringent quality assurance and performance testing. Consumers are assured of the best performance and quality, always” says Pia Umayam, Business Development Manager.

What does your next shave or trim look like with a Philips shaver or trimmer? Let us know at the comments section below.

Mabuhay, Manila.

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