Shakey’s shakes it up with 200th store

Shakey’s latest branch at Paseo de Magallanes hints at upping the ante on dining experiences from the favorite place of Fun, Family, and Pizza to a level of WOW.

“Our goal has always been to create wow moments with each and every one of our customers. With the opening of our 200th store, which we believe is a major milestone, we came up with different ideas to make the Shakey’s experience so much more memorable for our guests,” says Shakey’s President Vicente Gregorio. “Our 200th store is more than just another Shakey’s branch – it is a sign that the brand, despite being 42 years old, is very strong and relevant and we continue to lead and blaze a trail in the industry.”

The 200th store takes cues from the early years of Shakey’s by adding a piano as an ode to the classic version of their early years where music became an integral part of the brand. “Music is a universal language that creates energy and fun, so the 200th store is going back to the original Shakey’s set-up,” Gregorio shares. “An array of cakes in the dessert bar is also offered to complete the menu. And new uniforms for the staff are seen to mark Shakyey’s commitment to continuous innovation.”

For over 40 years, Shakey’s has always in line with fun, family, and pizza. This is true for all corners of all our 200 stores where anyone is sure to have a fair share of wow moments, from the well-trained staff, and the carefully designed interiors meant to create a warm and inviting feel of home, spacious dining halls, and the Fun Zone – an arcade area where friends and family can bond while they play. A bar is also available with a wide selection of beverages that customers can enjoy as they watch a game on the wide screens, and, of course, the well-known Shakey’s thin-crust pizzas made to share with friends and family.

“We are very customer-focused. We’re committed to vowing our guests, and we believe that customers deserves more,” continues Gregorio. “We took it as a mission to provide them only the best in terms of product, quality, ambiance, and service.”

Shakey’s will also be seen opening abroad in Kuwait and Dubai in the coming months. “It will be a busy year for us moving forward and this is, once again, in line with our vision of becoming stronger and better as a brand.” Gregorio declares.

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Mabuhay Manila.

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