Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Bigger, better, safer?

Samsung has just brought the Note back to life with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Why? Yes, we can look back to about a year ago with the explosive release of the Note 7. We can also argue that the Galaxy S8+ suffices as a phablet option to the line of Galaxies Samsung churns out every year.

Well, according to Samsung there is still a good number of demand for Notes and the S Pen.

Even though the specifications are similar to the beefier S8, some things are added on top of that.

Aside from the obvious S Pen addition, the curvature of the screen seen on the Note 8 is a lot less curvy to allow for a full grip while you are scribbling on the screen. The room will allow you to comfortably hold the phone without accidentally activating one of the task buttons for example.

Multi-tasking has been improved greatly that will allow you to have two apps to always simultaneously pop-up at the same time after setting it up.

Some new things on the pie menu added the live message that lets you draw on it and as you draw it, you are given the option to save it as an animated GIF to send through your messaging platform.

Yes, it will still function the same when you take the S Pen out while the screen is turned off you can still jot down your notes but now you are allowed to about 100 pages of scribbling in case that function comes in handy.

Larger screen aside and the S Pen option, there’s not a lot of difference to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ aside, of course to the dual-camera setup at the back.

Samsung has done well to keep the cameras fully featured without a camera bump that sits nicely on the checklist.

What’s even better is that both 12MP cameras offer a wide-angle option and a telephoto option that means whatever you might need you phone camera for, you are provided the choice you need. The Dual Capture option lets the phone take photos simultaneously on both cameras and you can opt to send one over the other later on in the gallery.

It’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in the US and Exynos 8895 for the International version, 6GB of RAM and a default 64GB os storage in the US and 128GB to 256GB for the international version – all with option to expand.

It will retain water and dust resistance to IP68 and will come with Android Nougat 7.1.1 with Samsung’s proprietary skinning on top.

3,300mAh will power the device which has gone through intensive testing, Samsung promises, and will emulate much of the safety on the S8 and S8+.

It will have Bixby, Samsung Dex, and the same awkward placement of the fingerprint scanner right beside the camera setup.

There are no official announcements on availability and price which is expected to come “soon” – about September or October, perhaps.
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