Salta!: A New Chicken Bar

Salta!, means “to jump,” is a brand new Italian rotisserie chicken bar that just opened in Mayaman Street. It is stimulated by Pappare Ristoranti regulars’ overwhelming request for manager and owner Gem Tee. Pappare Ristoranti is that stall in The Food Hive for your delicious quick bites. 

Once you enter, you’ll see colours of green, white and red imitating Italian colours. Plants are hung from the ceiling which makes you feel like you’re dining outside. On the walls are fun and Instagram worthy thought bubbles. One them says “I want my hot chick now!”

The place is small and it’s quite difficult to get a parking around the area but where it absolutely shines is the food

The Piadina Milano (Php 185) which is rotisserie chicken, thinly sliced Italian dry-cured ham, romaine and mozzarella wrapped in thin Italian flatbread – delicious

They then served us with a very inventive snack called CRABonara Fries – fries topped with a soft boiled egg and crab meat. Definitely a must try. I’ve never tasted anything like it.

Next was the main dishes

Italian Rotisserie Chicken (Php 490) – the chicken skin was very juicy and the meat was very tender and flavorful

We were then served with Balsamic BBQ Beef Ribs (Php 205) with plain rice. Its flavours are very sweet and the texture is very tender.

Finally the Balsamic BBQ Lamb Shank arrived. This is my favourite dish out of all. The serving is enough for a group and the price is just right. The soft and tender texture of the lamb comes with Salsa Verde – a cold sauce that is made out of herbs that definitely accentuates the flavour of the lamb

They all come with side dishes: Pesto Rice (Php 40), Salta Fries (Php 35), Garlic Parmesan Foccacia Roll (Php 30), Tuscan Slaw (Php 40), Rotisserie Cheese Potato (Php 50) and Sicilian Vegetables (Php 50)

Spinach Tartufina Carbonara (Php 205) – smokey and salty. You’ll want it all over again.

Pappare’s Famous Crabonara – pasta topped with the yellowest soft boiled egg with some crab meat, crab fat and crispy bacon – an absolute favourite

For our drinks, we tried their Tuscan Sangria

White – Limoncello liquer with calamansi juice and some fruits.

Red – Limoncello liquer with orange juice and some fruits – this was my favourite

Every dish has a hint of saltiness to it which makes it perfect for liquor. Perfect combination! Try this out guys, it’s definitely worth it.

Have you tried Salta for yourself? Let us know what was the experience like at the comments section below or over at Twitter and Instagram @mnlmashfood

This foodie meet up was done in partnership with Zomato


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