Team Manila Eagles takes Bacchus Pro Gaming Series 2017 title

Considered a battle of epic proportions, the climactic battle between Team Manila Eagles and Mineski League of Legends has been decided in favor of a reverse sweep declaring Team Manila Eagles the champions of Bacchus Pro Gamin Series 2017 (PGS 2017) earning them Php 300,000 and becoming official representatives of the Philippines to the Garena Premier League regional competition.

Team Manila Eagles won via reverse sweep that annihilated the Mineski squad to win a best-of-five series at Rampage 2017 held at the World Trade Center in Pasay CIty on 30th of July.

Mineski seemed to be unfazed as the took on Summoner’s Rift against the undefeated Team Manila Eagles in the Finals. The former champions, armed with better macro play and learnings from the recently concluded Rift Rivals took two straight games at 2-0, with mid-laner Exosen on Orianna and Taliyah.

Switching up on strategy, TME placed JLC on AD carries on top lane earning them the 3rd and 4th games on Gangplank and Jayce.

Game 5 decided the first PGS championship title for TME and the chance to represent the country in the Garena Premier League Summer 2017.

Prior to the epic PGS finale, officials from Dong-A Korea led by Dong Lee-Hoon (AVP for Global Business of Dong-A Korea), Won Tak Song (Country Manager), and Choi Junho (General Manager) together with Dong-A Phils./DPPI executives  Amen Say (President/CEO) and Eugene Say (COO) excitedly and officially announce that SKT T1 Faker is the official Bacchus endorser.

Amen Say also announced its partnership with Mineski Infinity, a well-established cyber cafe owned and managed by Mineski – an organization known to pursue and uplift professional gaming scene in the country.

On its second year now, Bacchus, the No. 1 energy drink of Korea, successfully hosted Rampage 2017 on its sith run and is touted as the biggest and grandest annual convention in the country for League of Legends community.

“Following the success of last year’s League of Legends event which gathered more than 10,000 attendees, Bacchus is again honored in bringing ‘energized’ play to Filipinos by throwing its long-term support to the growing LoL/esport gaming community in the Philippines.

It has remained our main thrust, to focus on eGames. Bacchus, in fact, is the first energy drink to fully support eSports/eGamers,” says Say.

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Mabuhay Manila.

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