Places to try in Alabang: a food crawl

It was through a Zomato food crawl that we were asked to try either new items on the menu or restaurants and their bestsellers within Commerce Center in Filinvest City, Alabang.

We kicked things off in Army Navy for a quick coffee fix which was decent specially for something early in the morning. What was served next was their Joe Burger, serving up burgers to those on a budget while still keeping the signature Army Navy flavor.

The sister company, CocoHut, gave us a classic Filipino dish in the form of lechon kawali kare kare and rice. Suffice to say, the rice is and will be a requirement specially with the bagoong on top.

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It’s not the best version of lechon kawali kare kare but those looking for a semi fast food quick fix can expect the same flavors. It will be on the expensive side, though, so make sure there are other people sharing with you. Banana con jielo was served to cleanse the palette and refresh the taste buds right after the bagoong goodness. Great way to end meals or simply something to cool you down.

We made our way to the other side of the building for some Japanese flair by Kessaku. The tempura served had a little too much batter and had a touch too little shrimp or prawn.

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The ocean roll was refreshing with a zing of sourness under a good bite.

Finally, the salmon belly aburi will melt just by placing it in your mouth, even before your bite, filled with clean and fresh salmon belly expertly prepared with just the right seasoning and flavors to roll off your tongue.

Sigekiya came next serving signature Japanese cuisine that the manager was confident and proud to serve.

Where can I begin to share the experience? From the ramen and the different styles that sent flavors spiraling around the palette with a combination of stocks. The gyoza is properly seasoned and wonderfully cooked. The okonimiyaki melts with all the right ingredients and flavors. Do give them a try whenever you’re in the area.

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A lot of the offerings are signature dishes with specific notes and flavors that the chef took special care to add or to subtract from the ‘traditional route’ bringing in bold flavors to an otherwise supposedly mundane ramen.

Last but definitely not the least came in the form of the recently opened South Pub.

The name would say it all that you will come here for drinks and bar chow.

Fortunately for you the owner went ahead and offered things that are yet to be on the menu or expect them as a secret menu in case you read them here.

Meet Allison. This sandwich was crafted by a suggestion of one Allison who asked the chef to try the grilled cheese sandwich she stuffed with the chef’s sisig paired with tomato soup. It worked so well that the chef crafted one and named it after her for the idea. Work well it does with all the saltiness mellowed by both the slice of bread and the soup.

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South Pub also offers the only burger on the menu, the Filipino favorite crispy pata, spam and cheese sticks in crunchy lumpia wrapper, properly seasoned and not very oily sisig rice, and squid ala tapas.

In case you’re in the area, do give these places a try. If you have, what was your experience like? Hit us up on the comments section below or via Twitter @MNLMash.

In case you have questions you can find me on Twitter @ginuhit.

Mabuhay Manila.

Drew Uy

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