Phone-Off: LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8+

Still torn on getting your next phone? This next phone-off might help.

Design and Build

Seemingly a new phone trend, the LG G6 went away from last year’s iteration and went with all glass for protection held by a chunky metal band chamferred at the edges for grip.

It’s the same slippery experience for the S8+ with aggressive tapering to give the phone some handle-ability while maintaining the curvy finish to complete the sexy look.

taken on the Samsung Galaxy S8+

On-screen navigation and rear-mounted fingerprint security are the design choices for both but the G6 doubles this purpose for wake/lock purposes.

Just as well in continuing the trend, both these phones have the extra wide 18 x 9 and 18.5 x 9 display ratio for the G6 amd the S8 respectively.

The thought behind is to add more screen without sacrificing on making it wider to keep the phone from falling.

This means some finger gymnastic will have to come into play with some fancy stretches.

taken on the LG G6

The screen ratio for both these phones at 18.5:9 and 18:9 for the S8+ and the G6 respectively will definitely need some getting used to specially of both manufacturers decided on allowing more grip over the standard 16:9 ration of screens.

This entails that content being viewed will call for black side panels in trying to maintain resolution over immersive entertainment when viewing content. However, everything else will allow for a more immersive experience once media catches up.

Sure the LCD panel of the G6 will be come out pale right beside the standard SuperAMOLED version for the S8+ but battery endurance will be sacrificed for the Samsung contender well over the LG flagship.


Perhaps the main contrast of both these phones will come into play when we start testing the camera out.

As per standard Samsung Galaxy flagship affair, any and all photos will come out vivid, detailed, and sharp to the extent of the capabilities of the sensor. Night time shots are brighter but do not expect super clear super sharp results. As all phone cameras will suffer in this regard. Well-lit indoor shots will tone down the saturation a bit an include some detail handling.

LG, since the dual camera setup from the V20 and the G5 has stuck to its tried and tested wide angled secondary lens for the G6. The standard lens makes use of an f1.8 aperture with 71 degrees of view right beside another lens with 125 degrees of wide-angled goodness. Set with the same resolution, all of the photos come out much the same only with a bigger view of the world. What this does is to allow more of the photos in compared to a claustrophobic shot on the other lens seen here. Daytime shots with scenic views come out great everytime. Low low light shots will suffer a touch with the results coming in at a much darker shade compared to the S8+ but still detailed.


Coming in with Samsung’s proprietary chipset, the Galaxy S8+ is powered by the Exynos 8895 compared to the Snapdragon 821 SoC for the LG G6.

I know what you’re thinking, the G6 will lose this battle. Hardly. Considering that the results of benchmarks place these to at only 30,000 Antutu points apart, it’s considerably very close in performance.

Considering that the S8+ will have some advantages in some aspects of performances, the G6, with the older chipset, has more than enough punch to take on the greats of 2017.

Any and all casual apps whiz by without a hitch on either phones. Games are only about 8% slower on the G6 in terms of loading time.

Price and Verdict

It will be an easy 45,900 PHP or 900 USD for the Galaxy S8+ for  you well over the 31,500 for the LG G6 or about 620 USD in comparison. What you get will be the extra camera, almost near performance, and a handy-capable device, near  the same screen size (if only smaller in ratio by .5).

Yes, the design of the LG G6 is awkward to say the least, and some parts will need some getting used to with the overall UI experience.

Let us know which one won it for you in the comments section.

Mabuhay, Manila.

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