Philips: See the right light

The journey to energy efficiant lighting is still not yet done but we have made strides.

Philips light is human centric to make sure that you see right. It’s very easy to get the lighting wrong to get it right, you have to address the needs of the location and the situation. The workplace lighting is significantly diffrent from the modd setting lights at home, for example.

For 2017, we are focusing on EyeComfort. Philips provide brighter lighting without compromising comfort, providing an optimum illumination experience.

The latest feature for Philips lighting offers various options of lights from a three-step dimmable, and diffused lighting that is promised to be flicker-free all throughout.  There are also options of an LED SceneSwitch feature that changes from bright white to warmer lighting im a flick of a switch.

Many other options are available like the LED tape that camn run on gaps and behind furnite for accents as well as the Deco Classic LED lights that emulate the vintage filament designs adding more character to your kitchen, for example.

The bulbs has been tested to have 15,000 – 2000 hours of life time and the LED tape goes a little bit under 50,000 hours of illumination time.

Philips has been in the industry for more than 125 years. “It continues to innovate illumination technologies in its pursuit to address the growing need of the communities for better and more energy-efficient lighting solution,” says Philips Philippines Country Manager Jagan Srinivasan. “Our responsibility as the global leader in lighting technology does not stop in prpducing and promoting the use of LEDs. We are also committed in educating consumers about sustainable illumination.”

Philips Lighting continues to drive the conversation that not all LEDs are the same. The EyeComfort platform brings strides in paving the way to identify Philips as the brand that illuminates comfortably, relaxed, and flicker-free moments.

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Mabuhay, Manila.

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