PETA celebrates theater with Festival of Windows

Unbeknownst to audiences that see the usual plays, acting, musicals, wardrobe, set design, hear the musical scores, and, overall, appreciate the performances on-stage, there happens beyond the backstage that PETA has been advocating for since they all started.

PETA has always placed education, transformation, and development of actors, singers, directors, and even the audiences themselves through theater. The sight that can’t be seen on-stage for the last 50 years has always been to empower individuals through the arts, strengthen their creative capacities, and to create meaningful impact to everyone involved in the arts.

To commemorate their 50th year as well as to celebrate being recognized by the 2017 Ramon Magsaysay Awards, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is organizing a week-long festival that will highlight the role of arts in development both in the community and individual level, as exemplified in various advocacy campaigns the theater company has engaged in throughout the decades.

Happening on the 24th to the 29th of October 2017, the festival will feature performances, workshops, lectures, and discussions. At the same time, it will showcase some of the best advocacy plats of PETA and its partner companies across Southeast Asia.

In sum there will be 13 performances from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, 3 performances from Cambodia and Thailand, workshops by the professionals themselves ranging from songwriting, shadow puppetry, physical theater, improvisation, circus techniques, BOAL forum theater, keynotes, lecture performances, and special interest groups discussion across the different topics involved.

The Festival of Windows will gather more than 120 performers, 40 experts, speakers, and hundred more artists, arts managers, audiences and participants from different parts of the globe.

Festival passes are available at Php 4,500 each (Php 3,500 for students and teachers) that will cover access to all the opening and closing reception, lecture performances, main stage performances, and one workshop or 2 huddles a day. Day passes are also available for Php 1000 (Php 800 for students). Those interested in watching just the plays, tickets are also available for all lecture-performances and main stage plays.

Details and information are available on the official website You may also contact the Festival of Windows secretariat at 725 62 44 or email at

Mabuhay Manila.

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