​Command your Perfect Selfie with the Vivo V5s and the V5 Plus

Battery capacity, processor, and some parts aside, both these Perfect Selfie shooters will give you just that every time you need it.

The metal clad iPhone look-a-likes focused more on the selfie-centric population who loves churning out selfies even while there’s an earthquake happening, even when that person is running late, even when you’re pretending to be working out but are just actually on the look-out for a potential date.

Either phones are capable daily drivers that will be more than capable in churning out emails, social media notifications, Battle Royale fights, and Clash of Clans attacks right after taking the ‘stuck in traffic’ obligatory selfie.

The interface emulates muh of the simplicity of how the iOS handles a lot of the user-friendliness and is an all too familiar affair when it comes to navigating through beautifying apps, face filters, and Camera 360 to name a few selfie staples.

Then there’s the quick settings menu from the bottom that separates it from the notfication tray which allows for distinct actions.

The overall feel of either phones that are quite difficult to tell apart is solid and cool to the touch. The matte finish allows for some sort of grip in tandem with the curvature towards the sides.

The rear camera performs much of what is expected from a mid-tier shooter that does what it’s supposed to, capture the moments. There will be some struggle apparent when taking HDR shots of those must-not-miss sunsets, but it’s bearable.

The main camera, the front facing shooters, will serve as the headliner thanks also to the front-facing softlight flash.

Images will always come out clear and crisp with all the details you need, great for going live in high definition. Low-light to no-light selfies will fare better, though awkwardly lighted, than most any phone under the same circumstances.

It is the perfect selfie, indeed, and then some on functionalities you thought you didn’t need.

The relatively ~affordable~ price tag starts at P14,990 and P19,990 for the Vivo V5s and the Vivo V5 Plus respectively.

Both phones will command beautifully taken selfies without the need to think about it too much. Aside, of course, from the angle of which you need your photos to be in.

Drew Uy

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