Pastries by Providore

Feeling peckish after a meal? We did once and decided on passing by Providore by Raintree Group for a quick look around the pastries they had for offer.

We decided on the colorful and interesting to complement the hazelnut cold brew for myself and Cafe con Dulce de Leche for K.

The hazelnut cold brew was a touch too sweet for my taste but works really well as a refreshing less acidic take on the classic coffee subtly subdued by a layer of hazelnut cream.

The hot cafe con dulce de leche is thick with cream and foam with sweetness to boot for those who like it that way.

The highlight of the set of orders came in the form of peanut butter and jelly cookie that simply crumbled under the bite. It’s sweet, nutty, with crunchy and crumbling texture around the strawberry jam and generous mounts of peanut butter.

Taste rainbows with the unicorn krispies. There’s no other word to describe it. It tasted like rainbows with so much crunch you will need milk afterwards, or during.

The birthday bundt cake is festive and sweet and will require a bigger version if you want one for your birthday.

The blueberry pocket lacked the blueberry kick I was expecting but still filled with blueberry goodness under the shortcake exterior.

Providore management boasted that the type of cookies they make change on a daily basis so you can expect freshly baked pastries when you arrive.

Enjoy these on a discounted price come 7PM since tomorrow’s batch will be totally new.

If you have tried Providore for yourself, how was your experience? Let us know at the comments section below or on Twitter @ginuhit.

Mabuhay Manila.

Drew Uy

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