Panduit: Enabling the digital economy

Panduit, a U.S.-based company on connectivity infrastructure solutions, underlined how essential a robust network infrastructure among businesses in the Philippines, amid growing optimism, on local economic performance and increase in competition thanks to Southeast Asia integration.

It is understood that the Philippines is still playing catch-up when it comes to internet connectivity to a lot of our ASEAN neighbors much less to the rest of the hyper-connected world, but Panduit is not about to talk an=bout that. They’re here to get you ready the moment we do start gaining ground in the race of getting faster and faster connections.

“In recent years, the Philippines has emerged as the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia because of its strong and resilient businesses that attract investments from industries all over the world. But businesses should constantly assess and develop their ICT (information and communication technology) strategies to thrive in the demanding and ever-evolving market, especially in light of the ASEAN integration,” says Harry Woo, Panduit Managing Director and SVP for Asia Pacific.

Though behind, the country still maintains to be he preferred international investment destination for IT-BPM companies and services towards other industries as potentials gain more and more opportunities for the economy from year-to-year. The Philippines is creating greater demands in various industries such as Animation and Game Development, Contact Centers and BPOs, Health Information Management, and Information Technology and Software Development. A continuously growing sector in the Philippines, the BPO sector alone accounts for 12.6% of global market and is expected to have a 6.5% to 7.5% growth by the end of 2017.

As the market leader in the Philippines for Network Infrastructure Business, Panduit further offers solutions that help local businesses meet the needs of the growing industry by introducing its newest advanced OM5 fiber solution in the country and the latest member of Panduit’s expansive line of fiber solutions, the OM5 Signature CoreTM.

With the launch of its versatile product, Panduit will also be able to strategically align its businesses to the Philippines’ growth trends as part of its commitment to support the continuous growth of the country’s economy. In addition, Panduit plans to establish partnerships that would allow them to enter and support new segments such as power generation.

“In today’s highly connected world, excellent connectivity and network capabilities are crucial not only to one’s business but also the growth of the Philippine economy.” Woo shared. “We look forward to be part of infrastructure development that could be a catalyst for the country’s potential growth.”

You will have to ask yourself one question when you finally decide on opening up shop in Philippine shores: Is your infrastructure ready to meet the demands of the world?

Mabuhay, Manila.

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