Nextbook Flexx line review

Looking for a new netbook? Lazada may just have the answers for you. Yes, answers with an S to cater to everyone with all forms of budget constraints.

Netbook, in partnership with Lazada, releases the Nextbook Flexx line that’s meant to cover a majority of your needs without having the break the bank.

The Netbook Flexx lineup is your laptop cum tablet option with budget level specs and capabilities perfect for those that are looking to access the internet a lot or those who have tons of documents to type and is on a strict budget.

The first of the lineup will be the most affordable at only 5,399 in Lazada – the Nextbook Flexx 8.9.

The 8.9 there will indicate the screen size at 1280 x 800 resolution in IPS LCD. Perfectly understandable that this is not the clearest or will it be able to battle against viewing in direct sunlight with the reflective surface to boot. It will, however, be comfortable enough for typing and for viewing content.

Intel® ATOM™ Quad-Core Processor 1.8GHz (Z3735F) will power the device with 1GB of RAM with 32GB of storage and an option to expand to 64GB through a microSD card slot. About 5000mAh of battery will power the Flexx 8.9 enough for 5-9 hours of use without the charger depending on usage thanks to the power efficient processor and the screen.

The Nextbook Flexx 10 will be a slight upgrade at 10 inches of screen size with the same resolution. A lot of the clarity is sacrificed here to keep the 2-in-1 budget conscious.

Processing capabilities will be the same Intel® ATOM™ Quad-Core Processor 1.8GHz (Z3735F)). This time with 2GB of RAM at the same 32GB of memory with option to expand to 128GB. The battery pack is increased to 7000mAh here for more power and longevity.

Priced at Php 6,899, the Php 1,500 price difference remains within reasonable difference for the bump on-screen size and specs.

The largest of the bunch, the Nextbook Flexx 11, at Php 8,699, shares a lot of similarities with its 10 inch brother apart form the screen size and resolution now at 1366 x 768 to compensate for the extra inch of size.

Processing capabilities remain much the same as the Nextbook Flexx 10 counterpart right down to the processor, the RAM, and the on-board storage.

The extra 2000mAh of battery will more than suffice in powering the device to get you through hours of typing.

All of the devices mentioned will have a detachable keyboard included in the box to allow you the flexibility of choosing your usage method.

The experience will be sluggish to slow at best considering the capabilities of any of the devices. Input method from the keyboard is average and travel will be on the uncomfortable side with the cramped space. The trackpad will lack sensitivity and will have troubles detecting two-finger use for scrolling. Best use the arrow keys for those.

All in all, the Nextbook Flexx line operates within reasonable capabilities considering the price point which is equivalent to a budget smartphone.

All of these devices will be available in

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