The Necessary Theater’s Blackbird

Place two people in a room and let them take you through a 15 year journey of their former selves and you get Blackbird.

The story of Blackbird starts where Una, a 27-year-old woman comes to visit Ray, a 55-year-old-man, at this office. What you will discover will leave you questioning how the ideal society that has been making the world work is not necessarily the best option for their unique situation.

We can begin from how Una was allegedly seduced and used by ray when he was only 12 years of age. The story goes through each of their conceived experiences and eventually leading to the truth about the horrible love story, a love story all the same, and how society has played to make it worse for both of them and those around them.

The play pokes around the complexities of their situation all the while build on what was, what happened since, and what they have become. The intricacy of their relationship played on what is black, what is white, and what is gray – blurring the lines on what we may or may not have considered considering cultural, societal, and traditional natures of both the audience and the origin of the story.


The adult nature of the play will make you question, even for a bit, how society expects us to be and how personal conflict can lead to something great or catastrophic – begging the question if your decision to choose mind over heart or vice versa will be really worth it in the end.

Bart Guingona and Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante took the roles well and showed great control in letting the right tones and emotions at the right times – all the while giving proper emphasis when they need the right ideas linger either to shock the audience or convince them against knee-jerk prejudices and judgments.

Blackbird was written by David Harrower. This Necessary Theater’s production is directed by Topper Fabregas, set designed by Joey Mendoza, lights designed by John Batalla, and sound designed by Jethro Joaquin.

Necessary Theater’s Blackbird runs from 1st and 2nd September at 8PM and 3rd September at 3PM; 8th and 9th September at 8PM and 10th September at 3PM; Staged at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium
, 4/F RCBC Plaza, Makati City. Ticket prices are Php 1,200 (Orchestra center), PhP 1,000.00 (Orchestra sides and orchestra back), Php 800 (Loge), ad Php 500 (Balcony)

For inquiries, please contact Dodo Lim, Producer, at +63928 507 2924, or Ivy Baggao, Production Manager, at +63915 467 6443.

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