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The latest generation of artists are given a wide array of options to display their creativity now more than ever. We derive this from putting up a website to express their online attitudes or go as simple as making an office statement with how you decorate your work desk. The goal is simple make something that reflects your personality.

It’s great to be able to get in touch with your creative side whether it’s driven by passion or just have something nice to share. Luckily National Bookstore Selections have you covered with three new specialty shops.

Art Bar

Art Bar is a haven for artists of all medium from hobbyists to accomplished. The store caters to a wide selection o f all the possible art materials you can possibly imagine from brushes, to pencils, paint, oils, canvasses, to at books and various tools. Beyond the physical, Art Bar also hosts workshops and product trials in-store to provide an interactive creative experience.

Art Bar is located in Serendra, BGC, Taguig. Follow Art Bar on Facebook and Instagram @artbarph.

Work Station

In case you have a startup that needs, well, technological startup setups or just want to up your workspace game, Work Station will provide your needs within your budget range. The store caters to a wide array of supplies, desk and office accessories, office furniture, gadgets, and business machines that will allow you to enjoy a dynamic office environment and enhance your productivity.

Work Station is located at BGC Stopover, Taguig. Follow Work Station n Facebook and Instagram @workstation.ph.


Calling calligraphy buffs and enthusiasts! Scribble your way to Noteworthy that offers a unique selection of writing materials, pads, and stationeries that will surely let the creative in run through the nib. Pair that with Noteworthy’s extensive line of pens from premium collections to professional grade calligraphy pens to everyday ballpoint pens.

Noteworthy offers the most loved pens and stationery brands worldwide.

Perhaps the best part of Noteworthy is their Paper Bar that allows you to customize your notebook by choosing paper color, size, and thickness.

Noteworthy is located at Greenbelt 5, Makati City. Follow Noteworthy on Facebook and Instagram @noteworthy.mnl.

Looking for a specific brand? They might just have it for you. Share you artwork and tag the corresponding store with @ginuhit!

Mabuhay Manila.

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