Mulat: Ang Hindi Sinukuan sa Arayat – a dance

We, the Filipinos, are well too familiar with our tales and folklores from Lola Basyang to the origin stories based off of Malakas at Maganda.  Most of these stories open the world up to imagination and introduce the colorful and rich culture we have upon us only to disappear and be destroyed if abused. That is such a place where Mulat: And Hindi Sinukuan sa Arayat draws its message – based on a FIlipino folklore, Mariang Sinukuan, this time tailored to send a message on how mining and its valuable currency can escalate ti environmental and cultural degradation.


In a small community in mount Arayat, there lived a girl named Liway who always ventures our to find new things in the forest, her home and so are for her ancestors. One day, the spirit guardian or diwata of the mountain, who adores her passion for adventure and love for nature, Mariang Sinukuan, revealed herself before her. Just then, a repressive corporation appeared to take advantage of their land to  feed their greed.

How will Liway and her community defend their land?

Mulat: Ang Hindi Sinukuan sa Arayat is a dance theater thesis production by Justin Ray Salvaterra Diolazo focusing on the journey and eventual battle of Liway as they fend off the exploiters. It also opens up to a deeper and wider view on the power relations of nature, the army, the community and the youth.

Performances will be at the Black Box, Sixth Floor, School  of Design and Arts Campus, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Show dates will be from Friday, July 28, 2017 at 7PM to Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 1PM and 7PM. Tickets are priced at P150.00 each and can be purchased by contacting Patricia Bautista at 0917842 5013 and Francesca Bernardo at 0917 665 6339.

For updates and inquiries visit their Facebook page at: Ang Hindi Sinukuan sa Arayat

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