Annyeong to fairer skin with Miyu

Miyu, a much-awaited Korean skin care line, officially and finally arrives in the Philippines.

What’s more, the first ever Miyu line to arrive locally have been crafted specially for the country and will exclusively sell here.

Even better is that Miyu has decreased the usual 10-step Korean beauty regimen down to just three. Both to make it easy for anyone to start their journey to fairer skin, also while keeping it affordable for a big chunk of the population in the Philippines.

The secret? Buckwheat. “Buckwheat extract has been proven to brighten skin and make complexion look fairer while nourishing it to its deeper layer. It’s a natural way to achieve a more glowing skin,” said Dr. Hae Jo, Miyu’s Research and Development manager. “We can target deeper tissues better with the all-organic composition of Miyu and get better results compared to synthetic ones.”

Your skincare regimen is now easier than ever as following three easy steps:

Right after washing with regular or facial soap, the Miyu 3-in-1 Whitening cleanser removes dirt away from the face that have been left behind.

Step 1 also moisturizes and whitens at the same time – leaving a soft, hydrated, and bright skin right from the getgo.

Step 2 employs the Miyu 3-in-1 Whitening Toner packed with Chaga Mushroom that has scientifically proven to tighten pores. In tandem with the buckwheat extract, the second step tones, minimizes pores, and brightens skin all in one go.

Finally, the Miyu 3-in-1 Whitening Moisturizer brightens skin and provides SPF30 sunblock protecting you from the harmful long-term effects of UV radiation if used religiously.

The effects are instantaneous, too, as the live test on all three steps showed great improvement on the skin right after rubbing the moisturizer.

The set will retail for Php 1,947 exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines.

What do you think of the innivations done by Miyu? Let us know at the comments section below.

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