The West Wing: (not) the TV series

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the West Wing” was what welcomed us to the latest experience brought to us by Marriott Hotel Manila.

The latest addition to the ever growing expanse that is Marriott Manila opens up a more sophisticated experience to the pampered guests of the prestigious hotel.


The aesthetics does not veer too far away from the familiar feel and vibe of the Marriott we all trust and know. Rather, it build on the already great towards an even better experience from the cool marble floor, wood accents and ornaments and ambient lighting set at just the right intensity to show you all the right details while not being too much in your face.

The feeling is subtle from the receiving lobby with enough breathing space to fill a hot air balloon and all variations of seating height as well as the capable staff at attending to all your needs.

The walk from the main lobby towards the west wing allows you a glimpse into experiences from the Marriott Cafe with sneak peeks at the menu present.

The hallway towards the West Wing opens up to Still a tapas and wine bar ready to serve your in between meals. A distance further shows Cru Steakhouse smelling of seared meaty goodness ready to be served fresh on your plate. A slight right will reveal an entryway towards Man Ho, Marriott’s premier Chinese restaurant.

Assigned on the 27th level, the premium room had so much space, and, well, breathing room for a dance party on top of people playing Twister and even have Ellen DeGeneres host an intimate talk show.

The bathroom was half as large as the entire room itself complete with a tub among other amenities expected from the same caliber of service and experience.

The Deck was undergoing some refinements when we got there and was not photo ready for us. We were instead brought to the main pool area to kick up our feet and splash around with the goofy bunch.

Dinner was served with great Chinese flair thanks to the entire staff of Man Ho. (More on this in another article.)

Breakfast is always a treat in Marriott Cafe from the wide selection of what may tickle your fancy from eggs done however you please, pancakes, bagels, rice, longganiza.. you get what I mean. Most of what you may be looking for is readily available.

We had to say goodbye and return to the real world afterwards which made us sad and a little bit hopeful at the same time.

Marriott Hotel Manila never fails to put up an experience whether a staycation or an actual stay in any of Marriott’s establishments available across the globe.

Until the next time, Marriott.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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