Marriott Manila Chef and Cocktail Workshop

The Grand Marriott Manila

Only careful attention to detail, months of preparation, and the utmost care to your staff, audience, and what you work for can pull off an event so grand it called hundreds of people to visit Marriott Grand Ballroom for an international affair calling chefs from Marriott hotels all over the world for a workshop.

It shows why Marriott is a grand venue for only the most extravagant of events crafted in detail.

As if seemingly a bland event, we were welcomed into an almost bare ballroom with small cocktail tables and a simple bar and hardly any sound on mood music. With just the rev of a car engine, everyone was jolted up from their seats where attention was focused towards the wall, rather, ascending wall revealing a bigger, grander, more prepared ballroom waiting for its guests. Right in front of you are fully customized cars flashing, booming with sound, smoking being presented to the audience. Right behind are the staff and crew of Marriott Manila standing tall and proud surrounded by their creations.

Enter the stunning spread of food prepared by none other than Marriott Manila’s Executive Chef Meik Brammer dishing out his expertise and understanding of food. Enter, also, more of Chef Brammer’s creations descending from the ceiling as if being served by the gods.

We were treated to an exquisite selection of dishes from responsibly sourced shrimp cocktails to a humongous paella nera of meat on rice.

The desert spanned from chocolates to cakes and did I mention chocolates?

The experience is complete with drinks, cocktails, and craft beer.
Only Marriott Manila can provide such an experience.
What events have you experienced by Marriott? Let us know at the comments section below. Mabuhay Manila.

Drew Uy

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