Marriot Manila: veggies are friends too

Vegans, vegetarians, vegetarian-curious, and vegans-to-be unite at Marriot Manila as the entire hotel shifts towards welcoming a healthier lifestyle.

Wait, you say. Did I read that right? You ask yourself as you go back to the previous paragraph to make sure you were not just hallucinating.

Better prepare for this next statement, then:

Cru Steakhouse, famed for knowing and understanding meat and steaks, will now be serving vegan on the side for family members or friends who made a lifestyle change to be healthier and more conscientious in what they consume.

Mediterrannean Summer

The 3-course vegan menu for only P1,300 begins with Mediterrannean Summer composed of chickpea falafel, in lemon-artichoke puree and grape relish – where all the flavors of what it’s supposed to be are present with great balance between the chickpea notes under the earthy-smoky puree with a quick surprise of the grapes at the end.

Walk in the Forest

The Walk in the Forest main course starts with the familiar notes of garlic crushed baby potatoes as the starch to the contrasty tomato reduction all underneath the grilled portobello mushroom and leeks stuffed with basil gremolata for all the earth tones as an added depth.

Chocolate Mojito Ice Pops

Finally the course ends with Chocolate Mojito Ice Pops for that refreshing zing around textures of nuts and creamy chocolate with hints of coconut.

Go Guiltless

If you can’t commit to the all-vegan diet but want to strive to be health-conscious, at least, then Marriott Manila has just the treat for you. They brought in Corporate Pastry Chef of Felchlin Switzerland, Chef Anil Rohira, to create cakes that have no sugar apart from natural sweetness of the cakes themselves and are recommended for even those with diabetes. Options include Mango Almond Cake based off a sponge cake with mango gelee and mouse; Chocolate Sensation, a sable Breton with hazelnut and dark chocolate ornaments; and, Chocolate Brownie made of bourbon vanilla bean filled with hazelnut and pecan nuts.

The cakes mentioned above are made to order at the Marriott Cafe Bakery and will come in sizes of 6-inches for P950, 8-inches for P1,800, and 10-inches for P2,200.

Suddenly, opting for vegan alternatives isn’t sounding so bad, is it?

Cru Steakhouse is located at Marriott Hotel Manila’s G/F and is open to serve customers from 6PM to 10:30pm on Sundays to Thursdays and 6pm to 11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Marriott Cafe Bakery is located at the G/F and is open from 6am to 10:30pm.

Call (02) 988 9999 for inquiries or visit for more details.

Drew Uy

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