Taste Marco Polo’s Signature Iced Coffee at Cafe Pronto

In case the usual coffee shops are not available for your convenience, Cafe Pronto, located at the ground floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila might just be the solution for you.

Meetings, catching up, waiting for the traffic to subside, have some work to catch up on, or you just want a properly made cup of coffee with a side of gourmet sandwiches, then Cafe Pronto is the place for you. The ambiance works well to keep you alert but not too bright, tables and chairs are properly spaced for decent breathing room. Staff and crew are well-trained to handle your queries.

In case you’re wondering, orders come with complimentary WiFi access to supplement your internet needs. Plugs are also available for you to charge your devices.

Here, you can order many of the signature takes of Marco Polo in terms of cakes, sandwiches, as well as the two, wonderfully crafted drinks.

We have all but raved about the Marco Polo Signature Earl Grape Ice Tea that masterfully blends the base of Earl Grey tea to citrus and flowery notes in a previous post. Aside from the standard coffee and tea orders, as well as breads, sandwiches, and pastries available throughout the day, Marco Polo has recently added a unique take on your favorite cooler.

What we’re here to talk about will be the Signature Silk Road Iced Coffee that has just been recently released. What’s to rave so much about iced coffee?

There’s a reason it’s called ‘silk road’ as the flavors take on a hint of cinnamon over smore topping with whipped cream on top. The base iced coffee is really silky smooth with the right amount of kick from the coffee as well as a creamy texture that pleasantly slides down the palette.

Do try Marco Polo’s Signature Silk Road Iced Coffee for yourself! You might just find your next favorite coffee-based drink!

Drew Uy

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