Man Ho: Marriott Manila’s Best Kept Secret

It’s always a pleasure to get invited by Marriott to try services and restaurants they have to offer for us to share with you guys.

This time around, we were called to Man Ho.

It’s a simple, elegant restaurant tucked away on the ground floor of the West Wing at Marriott Hotel Manila.


The experience pleasantly and promptly starts from the maître d’ whom warmly welcomed us into interiors of wood, metal, cloth, sculptures, pottery, and paintings.

The entire setup takes cues from the traditional with the familiar rounded table in glass atop dense wood, polished, with matching chairs.

Service is as excellent as ever as the wait staff attended to our every need. Even before being seated our drinks have been secured while we were slowly taking in the decor.

Our menu for the night was pre-selected through the chef’s recommendation and trust me when I say they know what they are talking about.

We were started with the traditional cold cuts to settle our appetites in the form of pork char sui (pork asado), soy chicken, and jelly fish.

This was promptly followed by Japanese style fried chicken served golden brown still steaming, still gleaming from the hot wok. Juices start dripping after the crunchy bite over the subtle sake marinated chicken.

A basket of potato strings filled with stir fried seafood came next colored with peppers and veggies. The bite from the sealing in the freshness into the shrimp and squid properly seared, properly seasoned took flavors of the ocean into the plate.

The chef’s excellently fried Yang Zhou (yang chow) fried rice tasted natural and light from the creaminess of the eggs, towards the herbs and spices that danced gently on the tongue.

The surprise at the end came in the form of beef fillet in black pepper sauce that had nothing but mouth melting meat slices that gives way under the bite with bursting flavors layered by the black pepper sauce contrasted by the fresh spring onions and the bell peppers mellowed down by the mushrooms.

We were ended with a platter of fresh fruits that properly cleansed the pallet from all the flavors of China.

If you happen to be in the area do give Man Ho a try. It will all be worth every last cent you pay for.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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