Lung Hin by Marco Polo Manila

This very posh Chinese restaurant is Marco Polo’s take on a favorite cuisine for round tables, hot tea, chopsticks, and a lazy Susan for big groups.

It may come trivial for a lot of the dinners but Chinese cuisine is more than just a large fire under a giant wok with your standard long-armed ladle tossing and pushing seared food around with seasoning until such time that it looks cooked to the chef. There has to be an understanding of the food, the flavors, the texture, and the right temperature before serving. A lot of the expertise of the head chef of Lung Hin flown in from Macau can attest to the wonderful feast that was about to surprise us.

We were started with the classic jelly fish cold cut simply laid out gleaming in seasoning. The very first bite had amazing crunch and freshness underneath just the right amount of seasoning and contrast of a hint of spice over the soy sauce.

Warming us up was the hot and sour soup which was not offensively hot nor sour but had all the right zing underneath the warm notes of the spices swimming with layers of textures to compliment the lip tightening flavors.

The mains were a staple on the table starting from the stir fried beef that had all the right softness after a bite – all of this under the seasoning that was made brighter and lighter with the bell peppers and the freshly sliced onions. The pan-fried and stir fried tofu in mushrooms danced with earthy notes cut by the tofu and then melted with the sauce still smoking from the wok. These were all right beside the yang chow fried rice properly done with the entire dish seasoned very lightly making the seafood and the herbs the hero of the dish. We simply could not resist on getting the poached prawns with broccoli gleaming in white Chinese sauce simply for the nostalgia of having it.

Some Marco Polo signatures were also served like this duck (not your standard, run of the mill Peking duck, mind you) but a slice of meat and crackling skin that properly balances the meat from the freshness of the greens contrasted with a subtle softness from the jelly underneath and then a sudden crunch from the potato slice. It’s a weird combination of ingredients but you will have to try this out for yourself to know what I’m talking about.

Speaking of a weird combination of ingredients, we were also treated with a shrimp cheese avocado serving that plays greatly on the textures of soft baked avocado covered in Chinese white sauce and cheese with a generous serving of poached prawn freshly peeled that was served to give that familiar bite of the seafood all being enveloped by the softness and layers of textures round it.

The entire experience was supplemented by another Marco Polo signature in the form of the Earl Grape Iced Tea. This amazingly refreshing drink takes the humble earl grey tea and fuses it with notes of flowers melded into the ice itself together with frozen grapes to close off the fruity drink.

Try Lung Hin for yourself, located at the 44th floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

Mabuhay Manila.

Drew Uy

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