LifeWear: When science meets style

There’s the regular shirt for your everyday wear then there’s the everyday LifeWear by Uniqlo. What’s the difference? Though it may not be so obvious at first glance, there’s a lot of science and technology placed into something as mundane as your shirt.

LifeWear is thoughtfully crafted clothing designed to enhance daily life and made more comfortable. It emanates Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity.

Uniqlo’s fall/winter collection caters to the most diverse of personalities and lifestyles with collaborations with JW ANDERSON and INES DE LA FRESSANGE.

The Brit inspired collaboration debuts the long-anticipated men’s line showcasing urban essentials with Parisian flair.

Meantime customers can enjoy the eight edition of Uniqlo’s collaboration with French fashion icon Inès de la Fressange adding menswear into the collection.
The men’s pieces feature design elements like classic stand-up collars, tweed jackets, and cashmere knits. The women’s line on the other hand is a celebration of the enduring elegance of a monochrome palette. New to the range are sports knits in vintage styles and classic Nordic sweaters. Other items include military style mod coats, duffel coats, and fleece blouses.

The new season caters to diverse personalities and lifestyles, embodying the brand’s belief that individuality comes not from clothes but from the people wearing them.

This season calls for customers to mix and match selections to suit their personalities and lifestyles. Uniqlo will have options for outdoor travel with LifeWear pieces such as Ultra-Light Down, flannel, and denim fit for hiking, trekking, camping and outdoor activities.; city sports with multi-functional collection; general travel needs with Ultra-Light options for your luggage; and the Uniqlo Sport collection design for sweaty activities.

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