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The niche that patiently awaited the arrival of the LG V20 last year giggled and leaped for joy thanks to its unparalleled capabilities in content creation with manual video controls, removable battery, and the quad DAC for HiFi goodness (considering you have a capable headphone) for the best-in-class payback from a phone.

It was plagued, however, with awkward secondary display that catered to only the niche of the niche that bought it, and the sheer size and heft did not aid in making it handy-usable.

Thankfully the LG V30 is here to save the day. Think a beefier LG G6 with a 6 inch 18:9 Quad HD OLED display, really thin bezels, and a slight curve for grip. This behemoth is definitely easier to hold over its predecessors.

The back is covered in Gorilla Glass 5 with the familiar and well-received dual-lens camera at 16MP f/1.6 for the primary lens and 13MP for the wide-angle (120-degree angle of view) for shots that need that extra space. If the LG G6 will be the baseline of the camera quality and performance then the upgrade on the V30 is sure to impress. The aperture size of the main camera indicated the most light-sensitive opening purely on that specification alone. The upgrade on the wide-angle twin reduces on distortion the G6 suffered under low-light scenarios.

Video taking will take up a lot of all the checks we loved on the V20 and will continue on the V30 now with ‘Cine Effects’ that, according to LG, will be more than just a simple filter but auto-magically color-grades based on one of the 16 presets. The included microphones will still record in lossless format without the usual distortion typically experienced in less sensitive microphones.

The very obvious difference from the V20 here will be the lack of a hot-swappable battery as it will no longer support a removable back for those just-in-time fresh battery changes while creating content. The upside is that the V30 is now IP68 water and dust resistant and supports wireless charging. Which was not offered in the V20. And, despite being clad in all glass, LG proudly announced that the V30 has passed military-standard durability tests rated MIL-STD-810G.

Processing capabilities will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM with options of 64GB or 128GB for storage with option to expand. Powering the device will be a 3300mAh battery pack. Simply looking at the specifications alone, it’s almost certain the V30 won’t last long during times of heavy media consumption and creation. The QuickCharge capabilities will surely come in handy here specially with powerbanks that support the feature.

If you’re familiar with LG’s interface, not a lot will change all the way to how the system settings and app drawer looks like. It’s not intuitive but it’s what you will get. These are all on top of Android Nougat 7.1.2 out of the box – which is a little bit of a let down considering the LG V20 was the first to carry Nougat and wished the same now on Android Oreo.

What you will get with the LG V30 is a great take on a tired LG V-series design and aesthetics that pushes it forward. A lot will be sacrificed on the software side but it will come uncontested in the content creation scene with all the settings and features just for the camera app alone.

The LG V30 is a compelling argument in the workhorse scene and can do things other phones in this category has tried to mimic but simply can’t compare.

What we’re eagerly waiting for will be the official announcement of availability and price. Considering the competitive nature of the LG G6, we’re all hoping the same can be said for its beefier brother. But wait, there’s more! If you think the LG V30 is impressive enough, wait ’til we hear about the LG V30+! We’re all so eager to get our hands on a review unit of both locally. Stay tuned for that.

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