LG Stylus 3

In case the Galaxy Note 7 batterygate is a hurdle for you or if budget is a huge chunk of your considerations, LG may have the wallet-conscious option for you. This is the LG Stylus 3 (Stylo 3 in U.S.A.)

The headliner for the phone is pretty obvious as the name gives this away.

It’s simple, the hidden stylus located at the upper right corner slides neatly out of the frame calling for a special function only available for this specific LG device. A circular icon will automatically appear on the screen that will allow you a few more functions using the included stylus like note-taking, drawing, or capturing the screen.

It’s pretty responsive and is smooth to use which includes a sensor that detects if you want to ‘stylize’ your writing much like how a fountain pen writes – simply angle the stylus as if writing with a pen. This is paired with ‘palm-rejection’ feature that lets you rest your hand on the screen without calling for unnecessary taps.

Considering it’s easier to input with the fingers, generally, there are those who are more comfortable avoiding smudges on the screen or will need accurate input which caters to the Stylus 3’s market very nicely without having to break the bank.

It’s plastic all around complete with removable back cover and interchangeable 3,200mAh battery – something rare in 2017, that can last through a day of regular use. This is where the 13MP rear camera and the fingerprint scanner that doubles as a wake/lock button also resides. The build feels solid though very prone to scratches very early on.

The 5.7-inch IPS LCD 720p or HD display is bright and colorful considering its price point. Most of the functions of the phone, specially with the stylus, will require two hands to use or some finger gymnastics for those that have the palm size for it.

It’s a modest Mediatek MT6750 processing for the device with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The phone will be running Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box underneath LG’s proprietary LG UX.

The 13MP camera takes decent pictures outdoors and scenes with great lighting but will step down a notch with the absence of optical image stabilization and clarity in lowlight shooting. The 5MP front facing shooter is just a decent with the option of a screen flash to assist in your nighttime selfies.

The LG Stylus 3 is a good alternative to the budget-conscious and will deliver as a daily driver specially for those that need the stylus in their lives. Sure it’s not the Note 7 but at P12,990 PHP, we’d be fooling ourselves to want more from a decent performing phone.

Here’s an unboxing:

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