KIX revs up with Top Gear America

Did you know that Ferrari only makes 14 cars per day? How about that Aston Martin still makes cars by hand? That Toyota makes more cars in a year than there are people in Rome? Feed all this curiosity on Kix with the first season of Top Gear America – an all-new American take on the world’s biggest car show featuring three new star hosts.

Join The Dark Knight and Black Hawk Down star William Fichtner, three-time World Champion American drag racer, Antron Brown and automotive journalist, Tom “Wookie” Ford, as they take you through the course and host this first season of Top Gear America. This season is surely going to be exciting as the season promises studio segments, car reviews, celebrity guests, challenges, power laps and races. The new Top Gear America studio is based at a location north of Las Vegas. The layout takes advantage of the scenic backdrop of the Top Gear track surrounded by mountains and clear blue Vegas skies.

Let the hosts take you on a ride you will never forget, Top Gear America puts you in the passenger seat alongside the car-obsessed hosts as they race the most incredible vehicles on the scenic highways and historic tracks of the American west.

Prefer vintage cars over the newer models? Go back in time, as Top Gear America will feature the cars that have defined America’s past. Learn about the iconic cars that paved the way for the technology of today’s cars. The show focuses on not just the exclusive and state-of- the-art vehicles but also the cars of the people – from the trusty truck to the latest supercars with the ultimate in automotive engineering technology.

That’s not all! In an exciting twist, each episode will feature a celebrity guest racing around a track in an attempt to beat other celebrities’ times. The hosts will be coaching the celebrity via intercom while trying to complete the course. After crossing the line, they drive directly back into the studio to have their lap time and place on the leaderboard revealed by the hosts to either the rapturous applause or muted sympathy of the excited audience.

The show will also feature the one and only Top Gear mysterious masked driver, The Stig. Stig is responsible for setting lap times for cars tested on the show. He also teaches and instructs celebrity guests off camera.

So speed up to the 5 th gear and tune in every Tuesday at 9pm on KIX for new episodes of Top Gear America!

KIX is available on (Cablelink Ch. 31, Cignal TV Ch. 264, Destiny Cable Ch. 10, Gsat Ch. 117,and SKY Cable Ch 242.). For more information, you can log on to

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