Kiddie fun with The Glitter Trap

The show opens with Joel Trinidad sharing the experience of Repertory Philippines’ very first Junior Masterclass culminating stage play The Glitter Trap.

The show is based on the same title by Barbara Brauner and James Iver Mattson’s young adult novel published by Disney-Hyperion Press that tells the story of Lacey, a young girl who inadvertently ‘traps’ and injures someone else’s fairy godmother that curses her to never get her wish in return as a result of impeding the wish of another. Lacey takes up the role of wish granting as the fairy recovers – with hilariously disastrous results.

The task that befell directors Joel Trinidad and Jon Meer Vera Perez was not easy to incorporate a play for a summer workshop program and, at the same time, develop original material for a cast of 22 upcoming performers.

What was more difficult was getting the right people in on the right roles. Would-be participants had to audition to get into the workshop to get the right training, afterwards, those in the class had to re-audition for the parts in the show. “I thought, at first, it would be difficult to get kids to come and audition. Turns out, that was the easy part. It was a lot harder to narrow all the talent down to just 22,” shared Joel.

The main task of the performance was not to create the best and record-breaking play of all time, it was to showcase talent by young actors and future star hopefuls in the world of theater.

Limits in budget among other things will be obvious with an average set and costumes kept to a minimal. Fortunately, this will allow you to focus on the main attraction, the cast, and what they learned over the course of the junior masterclass paired with all the things that enabled the kids to spread the fun and cheers.

Glitter Trap has all the quips of kiddie giggles and laughter to tickle the imaginative. It’s all pretty simple and hilarious in a young adult sort of way.

Catch the last full show of Glitter Trap at Maybank Performing Arts Theater (BGC Arts Theater), BGC. Get you tickets at or cal 891 9999.

Mabuhay Manila.

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